Welcome to BV Member Bios - a new website feature (March 2018) to help choir members, both new and continuing, to get to know each other. All contributions, listed in alphabetical order by last name,  are be voluntary and member-written. This initiative is being led by Jo Saunders, Soprano and BV Archivist and Helen Glover, Alto, BV Publicity. 

Send your bio contribution in a Word file or hard copy to Jo (jo.saunders@bell.net) or Helen (glover.helen@gmail.com). We'll take it from there.   Enjoy 

  Clubb, Barb
   BV President 2018

Barb Clubb hails from Winnipeg and lived and worked in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto before moving to Ottawa in 1995 to  become the City  Librarian of the Ottawa Public Library from 1995 to the 2012 when she retired. Barb enjoys choral singing, aqua-fit and other strength and conditioning programs as well as Zumba dancing and cycling, travelling (including ocean cruising), dragon boat paddling, target shooting, reading and opera. She has been a member of the same Ottawa book group for more than 22 years. In her retirement she keeps active on the boards of the Canadian Writers Foundation, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and Twice Upon A Time (a local registered charity/literacy organization) and READ Rosemount (advocacy group for the Rosemount branch library). Her husband is Kevin P. Burns, an award-winning author, editor and radio producer.  Kevin, a BV friend and advocate, has recorded the Bytown Voices concerts for the last 5 years.... Click for more.

Glover, Helen 
BV Marketing & Publicity

My musical experience prior to joining Bytown Voices has covered a good part of the world’s surface - from family music-making in New Zealand as a youngster; to jazz singing in Ottawa as a solo performer and in a jazz choir; to conducting opera and art tours to world cultural centres and teaching music to young children in between. I grew up with older siblings who sang and played the piano, so my childhood was filled with the music of the day. I realize now, just how important it was that I was able to join in the music making, whether dancing around the living room or naturally finding the low harmony to my sister’s soprano and my brother’s light baritone. With no television, we made our own fun and worked our way through an impressive pile of music every night. This early music experience is how you learn to make music rather than just listening to it. Simple, isn’t it? So, if you have the opportunity to introduce a child to music making, please share your gift with passion and enthusiasm.... Click for more

  Saunders, Jo
  BV Archivist

I had a contented childhood growing up in the Yukon, Alberta, Ontario and Germany. The best part of my life started 46 years ago when I married my adventurous husband and we moved into our 150 year-old farmhouse filled with antiques on a farm out of Chesterville, ON. I live there to this day. For four years, we had no running water - (Saturday night bath in a galvanized tub in front of the old Findlay Oval wood stove – water pumped by hand up from the cistern in the cellar). Now I have a condo on the Sir John A. Parkway where I stay in the winter and for part of the week in the summer. We had a variety of farm animals - my favourite were the chickens. Within the first year, a tornado cut through our property blowing away the cow barn, horse stable, pig pen, chicken coup, drive shed and most drastically – the outhouse! (first to be rebuilt).

 We also had lots of children – 14 foster and/or adopted plus 2 birth children.... Click for more.

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