2011 Spring Concert:   Bytown Voices with the Seaway Valley Singers

Spring 2011

"United in Song:
from Brahms to Berkeley Square"

                 *  Bytown Voices with the + Seaway Valley Singers

* + Hallelujah William Boyce                       arr. Hal Hopson
* + Away from the Roll of the Sea         Allister MacGillivray
Night and Day Cole Porter                   arr. Pete Schmutte     
Farewell to Nova Scotia                        arr. John Beckwith
Cape Breton Lullaby Kenneth Leslie      arr. Stuart Calvert
The Turtle Dove Folk Song       arr. Linda Steen Spevacek


Dig the Oars Deep                                    Gerald Myrow
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square arr. A. Billingsley
Many Songs Ago                                      Carl Strommen
Since I Fell for You Buddy Johnson         arr. Kirby Shaw
+ * How Lovely is Thy Dwelling-Place     Johannes Brahms 
+ * Zadok the Priest                                     G. F Handel
               i) Zadok the Priest
              ii) And All the People Rejoiced
             iii) God Save the King

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