Bytown Voices Executive and Member Volunteers 2019-2020

Bytown Voices Executive Committee 2019-2020

President                             John Waddington

Vice President                    Faye Grinberg Rice

Treasurer                            Jon Jones

Secretary                            Heather Smith

Publicity and Marketing     Valerie Bryce

Music Librarian                  Irene Bakker

Membership                      Charles Pryce

Past President                   Barbara Clubb

Director of Music               Joan Fearnley**

Concert Coordination       Doina Popescu**

Outreach Events               Kathy Massoud**

** Non-voting

Non-Executive Member Volunteers 2019-2020

Section Leads:

      Altos              Pam Spurway, 
                            Rehearsal Lead, Lyndsay Gowing

      Sopranos         Faye Grinberg Rice (also rehearsal lead)

      Men                Barry Craven 
                             Rehearsal Lead, Faye Grinberg Rice

Gmail/Google Accounts/Electronic Corporate Memory
                                   Charles Pryce/John Waddington/Barb

Midi Files                    Paul Taylor

Library Assistants     Lyndsay Gowing, Doina Popescu, Iona                                          Quinn and Kathy White

Finance Assistant       Iona Quinn

Membership Assistant Barry Craven

Promotion Assistant #1 Chris Thurgur

Concert Catering Lead  Kathy Massoud

Web-mistress / Posters Rosemary Covert
Web Assistant               Barb Clubb

Archives                       Jo Saunders

Facebook Page             Rosemary Covert / Barb Clubb

Bytown Voices Executive Committee

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