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2022 Winter-Spring Season

All available learning and practice aids (e.g. PDFs, YouTube videos, performances etc) are located in one section for each piece of music. More resources will be added as they become available.


2022 Winter-Spring Line-Up
as of January 9, 2022

1. Il est bel et bon by Pierre Passereau

2. The Sprig of Thyme pieces 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 11  by John Rutter   

3. Gloria! PART 2 by Antonio Vivaldi

Additional music and aids will be posted  as they become available

1.ll est bel et bon by Pierre Passereau, French renaissance composer (1509-1547)

PDF score.  Il est bel et bon  

Il_est_bel_et_bon_D.pdf Il_est_bel_et_bon_D.pdf
Size : 149.274 Kb
Type : pdf

Download and make print copy for personal use. 


#1. Il est bel et bon  by Ensemble ClĂ©ment Janequin   (nice tempo)

Performance #2.  Il est bel et bon by The King's Singers  (super fast)

   2.The Sprig of Thyme by John Rutter

PDF score: The Sprig of Thyme: a Cycle of Folk-Song Settings, by John Rutter, English composer 1945-  

Download and make print-copies of what you need for personal use. 

NOTE: Bytown Voices has purchased scores in print. However under the current Covid restrictions, we are temporarily providing choristers with scanned copies for your personal use until we are able o distribute the scores. Sharing these copies beyond our immediate needs is a violation of copyright. 

We will be working ONLYon the pieces 1, 2,3, 6, 8, and 11 of the eleven pieces in the Sprig of Thyme cycle.

1. The bold grenadier.pdf 1. The bold grenadier.pdf
Size : 2250.962 Kb
Type : pdf
2. The keel row.pdf 2. The keel row.pdf
Size : 3780.374 Kb
Type : pdf
3. The willow tree.pdf 3. The willow tree.pdf
Size : 2013.264 Kb
Type : pdf
6. The cuckoo.pdf 6. The cuckoo.pdf
Size : 3313.791 Kb
Type : pdf
8. Willow song.pdf 8. Willow song.pdf
Size : 944.367 Kb
Type : pdf
11. Afton water.pdf 11. Afton water.pdf
Size : 2943.074 Kb
Type : pdf

NOTE: The PDF below is the complete score of all 11 pieces in one PDF. It is 50 pages in length.


The Sprig of Thyme #2: The Keel Row
            Soprano: no recording because the soprano part is easy to pick out on the recording.
           The Sprig of Time -  #2.The Keel Row Alto, Tenor, Bass   You Tube

 The Sprig of Thyme #3. The Willow Tree
  Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Soprano

     Additional practice aids for A Sprig of Thyme  #1, 6, 8, 11 are  in preparation. 

PERFORMANCTHE SPRIG OF THYME  John Rutter and the Cambridge Singers  YOUTUBE

   3. Gloria ! by Antonio Vivaldi    Part 2 Et in Terra Pax

PDF score: Gloria! Part 2 Et In Terra Pax  by Antonio Vivaldi (Italian baroque composer, 1673-1741)

VivaldiGloria_2_Et In Terra Pax.pdf VivaldiGloria_2_Et In Terra Pax.pdf
Size : 274.249 Kb
Type : pdf

Download and make copy for personal use.

    Performance #1: University of North Texas School of Music-   YouTube 2011

     Note: The choir will work on Part #2 only (Et in Terra Pax)

  1. Gloria In excelsis Deo  (p. 3)  at minute 0:49
  2. Et in terra pax hominibus (p. 12)  at minute 2:49
  3. Laudamus te (p. 23)  at minute 7:45 
  4. Gratias agimus tibi (p. 30)   at minute 10:05
  5. Propter magnam gloriam (p.30)  at minute 10:28
  6. Domine Deus (p.35)  at minute 11:17

 7.  Domine Fili Unigenite (p. 39)  at minute 14:32
 8.  Domine Deus, agnus Dei  (p.50) at minute 16:41
 9.  Qui tollis peccata mundi (p.55) at minute  20:35
 10. Qui sedes ad dexteram (p.57)  at minute 21:40
 11. Quoniam tu solus Sanctus (p.63) at minute  24:14
 12. Cum Sancto Spiritu (p.66)  at minute 25.00

  Performance #2. Vivaldi's Gloria directed by Trevor Pinnock - YouTube

    Learning Aids for Gloria!  Part 2 Et in terra pax

1. From Choralia.Net 

2. From ChordPerfect

   Gloria PART 2  Soprano  - YouTube  (voice, words and notes)  "Et in terra pax "   

   Gloria PART 2 Alto - YouTube (voice, words and notes)  "Et in terra pax "   

  Gloria  PART 2  Tenor  -  YouTube  (voice, words and notes)  "Et in terra pax "  

  Gloria PART 2 Bass - YouTube  (voice, words and notes)  "Et in terra pax "   

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