Sponsors:  Major Donors, Supporters and Friends

The Bytown Voices Community Choir greatly appreciates the support of our Major Donors, Supporters and Friends. We thank the following organizations, businesses and individuals for their assistance over the  2019-2020 year.

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Bytown voices is a community organization but not a registered charity and thuscannot issue  a charitable tax receipt for your donation. 

Become a great friend and supporter of the Bytown Voices by sponsoring a part of the program.

For instance $250 will support the purchase of music for one song.

     Major Donor: $500 + per year

  • St. Basil`s Church and Father Daryold Winkler and administrative assistants Mary Lou DazĂ© and Louise Rathier for providing performance, rehearsal and administrative space for our choir.
  • Pouya Keshtgani and the House of Fine Print for printing the concert programs.
  • Anonymous

    Supporters: $51-$499 per year

    Friends of Bytown Voices:  
             $25 - $50 per year

  • Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board Choir and their director, Carla MacGregor, for the use of their grand piano.

  • The Leading Note, Ottawa's Classical music print specialists and the local ticket outlet for our concerts

  • Kevin Burns for concert recording and production for our choir's archival and educational purposes

  • Arbutus Ltd

  • Barb Clubb

  • Georgina Gray. ARCT, RMT

  • Norma and Brian Grier

  • Lena Jones

  • Doina Popescu

  • Peter Rice and Faye Grinberg Rice

  • Tonia Tunnacliffe and Bill McLeish

  • Chris Thurgur

  • Lindsay Setzer

  •    Miriam Bloom & Dr Victor                        Rabinovitch
  •     Margaret "Peggie" Gardiner
  •    Patricia, Susan & Carole                          Clubb 
  •    Peter Nelles, Elliot Setzer &                Audrey Nelles
  •     Lindsay Setzer
  •    Joanne & Richard Weeks
  • Concert Volunteers
        Tassy Kingsley
        Coralie Sheehan
        Cheryl Green
        Jackie Clifford
        Don Tefft, and
        Sue Wheeler

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For more information on sponsoring or supporting the Bytown Voices Community Choir:

please contact bytownvoices@gmail.com or call 613-728-6831.

Bytown Voices Community Choir, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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