The Bytown Voices is a non-audition community choir made up of more than 50 enthusiastic singers from across the Ottawa region. In 1999 when the Glebe Singers became a women's choir, several of the members approached Ann McNamee, their accompanist, to form a new choir, which became the Bytown Voices. Since 2004, when Ann emigrated to Jamaica, the choir has been directed by Robert Jones. Our accompanist is Brenda Beckingham. We perform two concerts a year, with additional outreach performances at seniors' residences and long-term care facilities.

Executive Committee 2014-15

Lindsay Setzer, President

Barb Clubb, Vice-President

Nancy Craven, Treasurer

Jackie Ellis, Secretary

Linda Pollock, Publicity and Marketing

Martha Bowers, Music Librarian

Vacant, Membership and Recruitment 

Doug Macdonald, Outreach, Electronic Corporate Memory, Google Account

Bob Jones, Choir Director, Ex officio (non-voting)


Non-Executive Member Volunteers

Section Leads:

           Altos                Pam Spurway,  Rehearsal Lead, Helen Shaw

           Sopranos          Sue Wheeler

           Men                 Mike Wheeler,  Rehearsal Lead, Faye Rice

Concert Coordination  Iona Quinn

Librarian Assistants     Joy Heft and Coralie Sheehan

Promotion Assistant     Elizabeth Gluckstal

Concert Reception       Anne Marie Matiz/Valerie Bryce

Webmaster/Posters      Rosemary Covert

Archives                      Kathy White

Midi Files                    Paul Taylor

Facebook Page             Carol Sullivan

Music Advisory Ctte    Faye Rice

Costume Ctte                Wendy Trethewey

Community Volunteers

Photography                Rod Pike

Concert Recording      Kevin Burns

          Upcoming Events

If you are interested in joining Bytown Voices, please contact Robert Jones via email:  ( The first rehearsal of the Fall season usually takes place on the first Tuesday after Labour Day at St. Basil’s Church (Maitland just north of the Queensway).

Fees for the fall term are $85, and $90 for the winter/spring session due to its additional length.

Our 2014 Winter Festive Season Concert will be held on Sunday, December 14, 2014 at St. Basil's Church at 3:00 pm

Our 2015 Spring Concert will be held Sunday April 26, 2015 at St. Basil's Church at 3:00 pm


Our 2014 Spring Concert with the theme of Inspiration took place April 27, 2014, 3 pm. 


Check out the FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions about the choir. 
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