Bytown Voices Community Choir is offering an 8 week Spring Session
from Tuesday April 20 to June 8, 2021. The fee is $50.

Our Director of Music, Joan Fearnley has put together a light-hearted program
of the music of Gershwin, The Beatles and The Mamas and the Papas
to help keep choristers in positive spirits. 

Registration information will be posted here shortly. 

Rehearsal Details

    We continue to welcome new members

Part of the joys of choral singing is getting to know your fellow choristers. During the pandemic this has been a challenge but even online, the time before the rehearsal and during the sectional practices does provide some opportunities for social interaction. 

 Bytown Voices Director of Music 

Joan Fearnley

How we rehearse on ZOOM

E-doors to the online Spring Session rehearsals  open at 7:15 each Tuesday and practice  starts at 7:30 pm. The rehearsal lasts for 75 minutes and consists of : 
- 15 minutes physical and vocal warm-up  
-  40-minute sectional rehearsals (SATB) with professional musicians leading each section. Sectional practices use Zoom’s ‘breakout room’ feature.  
- a final 20 minute plenary session where we put the music together.
We use pre-recorded tracks to accompany members' singing in the plenary  sessions.

(above) Sectional leaders for 2021 Spring Session clockwise from upper left: Joan Fearnley Risa Tonita, Carla Klassen

 (left)  Bytown Voices Community Choir

A virtual choir production of one of the musical selections from our 2021 Winter Session Old Lady Rose is in preparation.
Participation in this activity was optional.  Members could chose to participate in the virtual weekly rehearsals only .
Technical advice about how to contribute to the recording was provided to all members.

The Registration and payment forms for the 2021 Spring Session will be posted here shortly. 

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