Make a donation to Bytown Voices

Since March 2020 and throughout the pandemic, Bytown Voices has maintained its choral rehearsals in a virtual format. This has included two successful virtual sessions (Fall 2020 and Winter 2021) and the Spring  Session which will commence in late April 2021. We have even produced our first virtual choir recording.

The registration fees for these sessions do not cover our full costs. In normal times about half our costs are covered by concert ticket sales and fundraising. However with no income from our cancelled concerts, all three sessions have been subsidized from our limited reserves. We welcome donations to help keep offering virtual programs as long as the pandemic lasts, and to make sure we are prepared to move successfully into the future to sing for our community once again. 

Bytown Voices charges for concert tickets and each choir member pays an annual membership fee. We also raise funds from sponsorships and mount internal fundraisers. We are constantly seeking to take on musical challenges to make our concerts more enjoyable for you. But we need your help.

Your donation to the Bytown Voices Community Choir helps with:

  • purchase of music (although we try to borrow as much as possible), $250 supports the purchase of music for one song.
  • rent for weekly practices and concert spaces,
  • paying market fees for soloists and musicians who perform with us
  • annual fees for our Director of Music and Accompanist,
  • concert expenses such as tickets, promotion and staging,
  • additional outreach concerts to seniors and long term care residences.

NOTE: Bytown Voices uses the Simplyx platform to process online payments and donations securely. Simplyk is a Canadian social impact company whose secure platform is used by more than 2,000 non-profit organizations in Canada.   Online donors to Bytown Vices  may make an additional contribution to support Simplyk (or not if you prefer) at the time of donation to Bytown Voices. Buyers may decline the invitation to make a donation. 

Bytown Voices is a not-for-profit organization but we do not have a charitable tax number from the Canadian Revenue Agency. We cannot issue a tax deductible receipt for your donation but you will receive a receipt for your records.

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