2022 Winter / Spring Season

REGISTRATION and FEE Payment      

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                 Tuesday January 11, 2022    
                    Tuesday, April 12, 2022

         A hybrid program of in-person
and virtual rehearsal options

Weekly rehearsals will continue to be in hybrid format - choristers may attend on ZOOM or in person at St. Basil's Church, subject to health regulations at the time. Split attendance on alternate weeks at the church may be used depending on the number who register and as conditions evolve. Social distance will be in place at all times during in-person rehearsals.

Attendance by ZOOM-only will also be available for those who prefer it.

Registration is now open.

Rehearsal Protocols and Details

The first rehearsals will take place starting
January 11, 2022  from 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm
at St. Basil's Church, 940 Rex Ave
(north of Queensway just off Maitland - GPS key = 899 Maitland).

The following terms are a requirement for attending in person.
Your registration using the registration form or in writing, indicates
your acceptance of these terms.

1.  VACCINATION: If you have not already done so, you will be required to show your vaccination certificates to the Membership Secretary or President and to be at two weeks or more post-second vaccination in order to participate in the church. This information is not maintained. You may also email your proof of vaccination, in confidence, to the Membership Secretary (charles.pryce@sympatico.ca) to speed up the process. 

2.   MASKS: You will be required to wear a medical or other approved mask at all times while in the church.

3.  PHYSICAL DISTANCING: You will be required to stand or sit at marked locations in the Church to maintain a safe distance from others.

4.  CONTACT TRACING AND SCREENING: You will be required to bring a standard COVID-19 screening form on each occasion you attend at the church.   The form is to be completed on the day of the rehearsal and submitted to the reception upon arrival. Forms will be retained for one month and then destroyed. If you can't meet the screening criteria, you should NOT come to the church. For example if you feel like you are coming down with a cold, no matter how minor, you must stay at home. 

Other Health and Crowd Management Measures: The above terms of participation are the most critical measures. Other usual measures such as hand sanitizing will be in place. There may be additional measures if they are recommended/required by the public health authorities.  If you have any questions about registration, please contact our Membership Secretary, Charles Pryce at charles.pryce@sympatico.ca or 613-728-7392

For all participants in the 2022 Winter /Spring Season
Registration and Fee Payment Steps


After we have received your registration form and fee payment confirmation, we will send you a "confirmation of registration" email with a Zoom invitation link to the online portion of the rehearsals as well as the links to the sheet music and other practice resources.

Members registering for in-person rehearsals will receive additional emails regarding the protocols for entering and leaving the St. Basil's rehearsal venue and other aspects of attending in-person rehearsals . 


The registration fee for the 2022 Winter /Spring Season is $95.00. 
The session runs weekly from January 11, 2022 to April 12, 2022 inclusive.

Returning choristers must pay the fee upon registration.
New choristers may participate in one rehearsal before paying the fee.

There are three ways to pay the registration fee:

1. By CREDIT CARD using the secure form below.

2. By Interac e-TRANSFER to our Treasurer,  Jonathan Jones.  The name for the "recipient" box on the bank's form is Jonathan Jones.

Choose your bank's email option to send registration payment to jonathan.jones5500@gmail.com

3. By CHEQUE made out to Bytown Voices and sent to Jonathan Jones at 145 Dunbarton Court, Ottawa, ON  K1K 4L6

NOTE: Bytown Voices would prefer that you use option #1 or #2 in order to make this process as efficient as possible. 

 #1 Pay your registration fee securely by credit card with the form below

NOTE: Bytown Voices uses the Simplyk platform to process online payments securely. Simplyk is a Canadian social impact company whose secure platform is used by more than 2,000 non-profit organizations in Canada. Online purchasers  may make an additional contribution to support Simplyk (or not if you prefer) at the time of payment for registration for the Bytown Voices 2022 Winter/Spring Season . You may also decline the invitation to make a donation. 

The music we'll be singing during the  Winter-Spring Season will be listed here as the rehearsal program is finalized. 

Bytown Voices Community Choir 


              Left: Joan Fearnley, Director of Music

                                    Right: Carla Klassen, Pianist


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