2022 Winter / Spring Season

January 11 to May 10, 2022 

Registration is now closed

OnJanuary 5th, 2022, Ontario imposed tighter pandemic restrictions including the closure of arts venues as well as gathering limits for groups such as choirs. These were in effect well into February. Our January-February rehearsals were exclusively on ZOOM. In-person rehearsals resumed Mar 1, with ZOOM participation still an option. The season has been extended to May 10, 2022. Rehearsals on March 29 and April 19 will be fully on ZOOM due to circumstances beyond our control.


Rehearsal Protocols  Currently in Effect

As we return to St. Basil's Church for in-church rehearsals on March 1, the following terms
are requirements for attending in-person.
Submission of the registration form or notice in writing, indicated
participant acceptance of these terms.

1.  VACCINATION: Singers must provide evidence of receiving a 3rd vaccine shot (the booster). This is required once only and can be done in person or emailed to the membership lead Charles Pryce, Information is provided in confidence and is not maintained.
2.   MASKS: You will be required to wear a singer's mask or 3-layer mask as recommended by Health Canada (either cloth or disposable)
3.  PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Singers must maintain a 4ft distance in the pews.
4.  HEALTH: Singers must review the following questions on the day of every rehearsal. Upon arrival at the church, singers will be asked if they have reviewed the questions and to certify that the answer to each question is "no". If the answer is "yes" singers must stay home and participate on ZOOM.

1. Are you currently experiencing one or more COVID-19 symptoms that are new or worsening? 
2. Has a doctor, health care provider, or public health unit told you that you should currently be isolating (staying at home)? 
3. Have you tested positive on a rapid antigen test or a home based self-testing kit?
4. Have you been identified as a "close contact" of someone who currently has COVID-19.
5. Have you travelled outside of Canada AND been advised to quarantine (per the federal government quarantine requirements? 
6. Is there someone in your household who is experiencing any of these issues? 
Note: these questions are based on the Ontario Medical Officer of Health's February 4th, 2022 screening tool recommendations for businesses and organizations. 

6. MASKS: This can be a singer's mask or 3-layer mask as recommended by Health Canada (either cloth or disposable)

Other Health and Crowd Management Measures: The above terms of participation are the most critical measures. Other usual measures such as hand sanitizing are in place. Additional measures may be recommended/required by the public health authorities.  If you have any questions about registration, please contact our Membership Secretary, Charles Pryce at or 613-728-7392

 Registration is now closed for this season concluding on May 10.

Watch this space for news on the upcoming Fall 2022 season. 

The music for the 2022 Winter-Spring Season is listed below and includes:
 - The Sprig of Thyme  by John Rutter, songs # 1,2,3,6, 8 and 11.
 - Il est bel et bon  by Pierre Passereau
 - Gloria ! Part 2 - Et in Terra Pax  by Antonio Vivaldi

Bytown Voices Community Choir 


              Left: Joan Fearnley, Director of Music

                                    Right: Carla Klassen, Pianist


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