Bytown Voices 2023-2024 Season

Concert Repertoire

* I Can't Believe it's Not Rutter
* Highlights from the Sound of Music 
* Night Shall be Filled with Music
*Candles are Dancing

* A Charlie Brown Christmas (medley)
* I'll be Home for Christmas
* Silver Bells
* Winter Wonderland
*A Little Jazz Mass

Plus a selection of traditionalcarols

 Bytown Voices' multi-generational choir project

In 2022-23  the Bytown Voices Community Choir began the transition to a multi-generational choir model. Each year there are fewer opportunities for children to participate in choral singing in school or community. In the Fall and Spring Seasons six young singers joined the choir. It showed the model is viable and popular as long as the right supports are in place. We believe this will lead to a model which includes more children and a better balanced representation of choristers in all generation groupings: Silent Gen: 1925-1945; Boomers: 1946-1964; Gen X: 1965-1979; Millennials: 1980-1994; Gen Z: 1995-2012; Gen Alpha: 2013-2025.

For the complete concert  music list 1999 to 2023  Click here

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