Welcome to the BV 2024 Fall Session Registration Page for current members

Registration for the Fall session is open to members exclusively until July 31, 2024.
On August 1, 9:00 am,  membership will be open to the general public. Numbers may be limited.

The 2024 Fall session begins on Tuesday, September 10, 2024.

The end of year December concert will take place on December  8th, 2024.

2024 Membership Fees

Adult: $125 per person
Child: $60 per child

It is also possible to register for BOTH the 2024 Fall and the 2025 Winter-Spring sessions. 

Two steps to completing your registration.

Step 1.   Fill out the Google registration form using the link below.
Once the registration form has been submitted,
you will receive a link to the Fall 2024 payment options page

Step 2.  Pay the registration fee.  

To start your registration click on the link below


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