Make a donation to Bytown Voices Community Choir

Throughout the pandemic, Bytown Voices has maintained a choral program with a combination of virtual and in-person rehearsals using ZOOM, one summer rehearsal outdoors in Britannia Park, the production of several virtual recordings and recording our final May 2022 practice.  
                                             There have been no concerts until 11 December 2022.

In normal times about half our annual costs are covered by concert ticket sales and fundraising. However with no income from our cancelled concerts, the very successful "pandemic rehearsal program" has been subsidized from our limited reserves. As of September 2022, we have now returning to a full in-person rehearsal program and have expanded the choir model to include young choristers ages 3-17. Of course all health and safety protocols including masks and social distancing are still in force.  

We are delighted that the 2022 Fall Season started September 6th, with weekly in-person rehearsals. We look forward to performing our first concert Sunday December 11, 2022 at 3 pm in St. Basil's Church. We hope to see you there.  

We welcome donations to help us move successfully into the future to sing for our community once again. 

Thank you.

There are several ways to make a donation to Bytown Voices.

1. Online using the secure ZEFFY platform below. 

2. For current Fall 2022-23 members,  you can give a cheque to our Treasurer Jon Jones at any rehearsal.

3. For past members you can send a cheque to our Treasurer Jon Jones at>>>>>>>


Bytown Voices charges for concert tickets and each choir member pays a seasonal membership fee. We also raise funds from sponsorships and mount internal fundraisers. We are constantly seeking to take on musical challenges to make our concerts more enjoyable for you. But we need your help.

Your donation to the Bytown Voices Community Choir helps with:

  • Music scores. The choir pays on average $250 per song and may purchase up to 8 songs for a single concert.
  • Musician fees: director of music, choir pianist, concert musicians, and additional musicians as needed.
  • Educational activities and resources. Includes home-practice resources, workshops etc.
  • Operational costs. Includes rent, insurance, piano tuning, publicity, and for rehearsals and concerts.
  • Community outreach. The choir usually performs at senior assisted living residences twice a year.


NOTE: Bytown Voices uses the Zeffy (formerly SimplyK) platform to process online payments and donations securely. Zeffy is a Canadian social impact company whose secure platform is used by more than 2,000 non-profit organizations in Canada.   Online donors to Bytown Voices may make an additional contribution to support ZEFFY (or not if you prefer) at the time of donation to Bytown Voices. Buyers may decline the invitation to make a donation.  Bytown Voices is a not-for-profit organization but we do not have a charitable tax number from the Canadian Revenue Agency. We cannot issue a tax deductible receipt for your donation but you will receive a receipt for your records.

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