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WEEKLY REHEARSAL RECORDING: Each week the weekly rehearsal is audio-recorded  in MP3 format to help members with review and/or for members who could not attend that rehearsal. Date is included in the file name. They will not be posted on YouTube. Find the most recent files below.  
BV Rehearsal JJ20240423.mp3 BV Rehearsal JJ20240423.mp3
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2024 Fall Music Selection
In alpha order by title 

** = Practice tracks uploaded 
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2. Un Canadien errant (Traditional: Antoine Gérin-Lajoie) (CN)

Un Canadien errant" ("A Wandering Canadian") is a song written in 1842 by Antoine Gérin-Lajoie after the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837–38.

PRACTICE AIDS:  MP3 tracks for Un Canadien errant  Newly Revised  Mar 1, 2024

Un Canadien Errant - Soprano - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Un Canadien Errant - Alto - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Un Canadien Errant - Tenor - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Un Canadien Errant - Bass - rehearsal tracks.mp3

 French Diction Guide by Joan Fearley, Director of Music, Bytown Voices

#1 Un Canadien errant 
(Cypress Music)

 3. Dear Appalachia "Mountaintop" in three parts             by Timothy Michael Powell


Dear Appalachia Part 1




 Dear Appalachia part 2 



 Dear Applachia - Part 3





DearApp_1_Mountaintop_All parts.mp3



DearApp_2_Ballad_All parts.mp3

DearApp_3_DearApp_All parts.mp3



4. Emily Carr Trilogy  (Rise, So Still, Go into the Glory of the Woods)
by Brian Tate (CN),    Text by Emily Carr (CN)

PRACTICE AIDS: Emily Carr Trilogy MP3 files

 PRACTICE AIDS:  Emily Carr Trilogy:   Rise, So Still, Go into the Glory of the Woods

 Emily Carr: Rise MP3  Newly Revised Mar 1, 2024

Rise - Soprano 1 - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Rise - Alto - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Emily Carr: So Still 

So Still - (1509) - SOPRANO - Rehearsal Tracks.mp3

So Still - (1509) - ALTO - Rehearsal Tracks.mp3

Emily Carr: MP3 Go Into the Glory of the Woods
   Newly revised Mar 1, 2024

Go into the Glory of the Woods - Soprano - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Go into the Glory of the Woods - Alto - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Rise - Tenor - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Rise - Bass - rehearsal tracks.mp3

So Still - (1509) - TENOR - Rehearsal Tracks.mp3

So Still - (1509) - BASS - Rehearsal Tracks.mp3

Go into the Glory of the Woods - Tenor - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Go into the Glory of the Woods - Bass - rehearsal tracks.mp3



Emily Carr suite 2018.mp3

5.   Home to Africville  by Lyndsay Bolden (CN)

Lyndsay Bolden is an Ottawa-based composer and has been a member of Bytown Voice. This piece is about Africville in Nova Scotia. The  2024 Spring concert will feature its premiere performance. 

 PRACTICE AIDS: YouTube file prepared by Joan Fearnley

6.  Mon Pays   by Gilles Vigneault  (CN) arr. Larry Nickel (CN)

PRACTICE AIDS: Mon PaysMP3 practice tracks Newly revised Mar 1, 2024

 Pronounciation with Joan Fearnley

Mon Pays - Soprano - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Mon Pays - Alto - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Mon Pays - Tenor - rehearsal tracks.mp3

Mon Pays - Bass - rehearsal tracks.mp3

#1. Mon Pays  (Larry Nickel)

#2. Mon Pays (Bytown Voices, 2017 May)

Mon Pays 2017.mp3

  7.  Nine Hundred Miles  (traditional)   Philip Silvey

PRACTICE AIDS :  Nine Hundred Miles


 8.   Paradise: A Song of Georgian Bay  by Eleanor Daley (CN) arr. Eleanor Hunter (CN)

PRACTICE AIDS:: YouTube video tracks

BV Member Georgina Gray's cabin on Georgian Bay. Needpoint picture done by her husband. 


#1 Paradise by the Elmer Iseler Singers 

#2. Paradise   by Bytown Voices, 2017 May

Paradise G Bay 2017.mp3

 9.  The Piano   by Don Macdonald

PRACTICE AIDS: The Piano MP3 files Newly revised Mar 1, 2024

The Piano - Soprano - rehearsal tracks.mp3

The Piano - Alto - rehearsal tracks.mp3

The Piano - Tenor - rehearsal tracks.mp3

The Piano - Bass - rehearsal tracks.mp3

#1. The Piano (Cypress Music)

 10. A Place in the Choir               by Bill Staines   arr. Erica Phare-Bergh

Practice Aids: A Place in the Choir MP3 files

A Place in the Choir - SOPRANO - SATB - Rehearsal Tracks.mp3

A Place in the Choir - ALTO - SATB - Rehearsal Tracks.mp3

A Place in the Choir - TENOR - SATB - Rehearsal Tracks.mp3

A Place in the Choir - BASS - SATB - Rehearsal Tracks.mp3

#1.  A Place in the Choir   (Cypress Music)

#2. A Place in the Choir (BytownVoices 2019 December)

A Place in the Choir 2019.mp3

11. She is the Woman Who Sang Me the Birds  by Beverley McIver (CN) words Wendy Duschenes

   Beverley  McIver is based in Ottawa and is a member of the Lac Seul First Nation Treaty Three (Northwestern Ontario)

Practice Aids - YouTube  She is the Woman Who Sang Me the Birds


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