Lindsay Setzer  (1941-2023)

Celebration of Life in Words and Music

15 September 2023

Musical Selections:

During Celebration:

  1. We Rise again           Sung by Bytown Voices; Composer: Leon Dubinsky(Cn)
                                                          Arr: Lydia Adams(Cn)  
                                                          (p. 3 after lighting of the candle-opening song)

  2. The Spaces in Between Us Composers: Jan Garrett, JD Martin & Lisa Aschmann
                                                          Arr: Larry Nickel (Cn)
                                                           (P. 4 After Tributes, during personal reflection).

Pre and Post Celebration Play list

  1. Song for A Winter’s Night Performed by Sarah McLachlan; written by Gordon Lightfoot (Cn)   

  2. If It Be Your Will   Composed and performed by Leonard Cohen (Cn)

  3. So Far Away        Composed and sung by Carole King

  4. I Dreamed of Rain       Performed by Bytown Voices Multigenerational Choir; (Cn)
                                               Composed: Jan Garrett ; Arr. Larry Nickel(Cn)

  5. Small Victories             Composed and performed by Garnet Rogers (Cn)
  6. Glassworks Philip Glass, Sony Classics.

  7. Love and Affection       Composed and performed by Joan Armatrading

  8. Ar hyd y nos Setting of “All Through the Night” – melody used by John L. Bell/Iona

  9. Safe Home Sweet Light Composed and performed by Laura Smith (Cn)

   29 minutes running time

Background for Reception:

Para la Espara
                         Silvio Rodriquez (Cuban composer)

followed by strong female voices:

Gracias a la Vida                       Mercedes Sosa

Shadows on a Dime                  Ferron

When I can’t Play I’ll Sing          Joan McIsaac

followed by short Zen link

Handpan Improvisation            Malte Martin


You Are the New Day                2015 Bytown Voices concert recording – with Lindsay in the alto section

followed by two Scottish melodies used by John L. Bell, Ioan Community composer

Yea Banks and Braes

Nothing in Height

back to Silvio Rodriguez – in jazz trio

Cancion contra la Indecision      Bobo Stenson Trio

Old Lady Rose                           2023 Bytown Voices concert recording

followed by Favourite song sequence

 Song for a Winter’s Night          Gordon Lightfoot, performed by Sarah MacLachlan                                                                                                                               

If it Be Your Will                              Leonard Cohen           

Small Victory                            Garnet Rogers

So Far Away                             Carole King

Love and Affection                    Joan Armatrading

Whispers of the North              Gordon Lightfoot

followed by two tone-setting pieces: quiet reflection and gentle toe-tapping uplifting instrumentals

El Mayor                      Silvio Rodriguez, performed by Bob Stenson Trio

Ciaccona                      Rolf Lisveland, “Nuove musiche”

     61 minutes running time                                       

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