Bytown Voices 2024 Winter-Spring Session

Sunday,  April  28, 2024  3:00 PM
Knox Presbyterian Church

Tickets on sale on the website beginning March 15, 2024


What is Bytown Voices? 

  • The Bytown Voices is a non-audition (i.e. no tests to prove your vocal competency) community choir 
  • Made up of more than 80 enthusiastic singers from across the national capital region (ON/QC). The choir is SATB: sopranos, altos, tenors and basses.
  • We also welcome children from ages 9 (grade 4) and up.
  • The only requisite to join is to have a love of music and singing.  
  • We perform two concerts per year, with additional outreach concerts at seniors' residents and long- term care facilities.
  • Masks are no longer required for practices or concerts but all choir members are encouraged to be fully vaccinated and to remain at home when sick with COVID, flu or cold. 

    What do we sing? 

    Bytown Voices sings a variety of repertoire from various centuries, styles, cultures, and degree of difficulty. As a non-audition and inclusive choir, our membership ranges from people singing in a choir for the first time to experienced musicians. Most importantly, new members become long-time members dedicated to the community.

Our artistic director, Joan Fearnley, is an engaging conductor committed to bringing out the best in each member. Her music choices are thoughtful and varied with something for everyone and she will send you home enriched, energized and humming a tune after rehearsal. Joan is supported by our excellent pianist (Carla Klassen), our assistant conductor/pianist (Devon Wastle-Thivierge), and our children's mentor (Mélanie Hartshorn-Walton), as well as a dedicated volunteer executive board and volunteers from the choir.

To see the full 24 year repertoire just CLICK HERE

For information about choir membership contact us at

 Bytown Voices' multi-generational choir project

In 2022-23  the Bytown Voices Community Choir began the transition to a multi-generational choir model. Each year there are fewer opportunities for children to participate in choral singing in school or community. In the Fall and Spring Seasons six young singers joined the choir. It showed the model is viable and popular as long as the right supports are in place. We believe this will lead to a model which includes more children and a better balanced representation of choristers in all generation groupings: Silent Gen: 1925-1945; Boomers: 1946-1964; Gen X: 1965-1979; Millennials: 1980-1994; Gen Z: 1995-2012; Gen Alpha: 2013-2025.

 December 10, 2023  Photo credit: Howard Sandler 

For the complete 20-year + concert  music list 1999 to 2023  Click here

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