Bytown Voices Executive and Member Volunteers 2023-2024

Bytown Voices Executive Committee 2023-2024

President                             John Waddington

Vice President                     TBD

Treasurer                            Jon Jones

Secretary                            Doina Popescu

Publicity and Marketing      Bernetta Starkey

Music Librarian                 Véronique Pourbaix

Membership                      Charles Pryce

Member-at-large             Vacant

Member-at-large             Ward Strickland

Past President                   Barbara Clubb

Director of Music               Joan Fearnley**

Concert Coordination       Doina Popescu and Iona Quinn**

Outreach Events               Kathy Massoud**

** Non-voting



Non-Voting Member Volunteers 2023-2024

Rehearsal Recording- Jon Jones

Sectional Contacts:       Sopranos - Doina Popescu (Interim)
                                    Altos -   Iona Quinn
                                    Basses/Tenors - Barry Craven

Rehearsal Section Leads:  
                                   Joan Fearnley, Carla Klassen,   
                                   Lyndsay Bolden Gowing, Devon Wastle  

Children's Choir Mentor    Mélanie Hartshorn

Gmail/Google Accounts/Electronic Corporate Memory
                                 John Waddington/Barb
                                 Clubb/Paul Taylor/Jon Jones

Library Assistants      Lyndsay Gowing, Doina Popescu,
                                 Iona Quinn
Finance Assistant       Iona Quinn

Membership Assistant   Barry Craven

Promotion Assistant #1  Chris Thurgur

Web / Posters                Rosemary Covert & Barb Clubb

Archives -paper             Jo Saunders

Facebook Page              Lyndsay Bolden-Gowiing


Concert recordist & production :  Kevin Burns, volunteer

Bytown Voices Executive Committee

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